Fall 2019 events

To Talk or Not to Talk (1).png

Story Night - October 12

Come and join Daughters of Eve at our most popular monthly event! This month’s story night theme will be about gossip, backbiting, and the affects they have on us. We will have a discussion as well as some powerful activities to further explore and learn about this topic. Dinner, snacks and activities will be provided. Space is limited so please make sure to RSVP online. Payments will be taken at the door.


Girls’ Soccer - October 12

Please join us for an afternoon of girls/women only indoor soccer tournament. The arena will be locked and NO men will be allowed inside. There will be prizes for winning teams. NO KIDS and MEN are allowed during the tournament. No food and drink except water. Please bring your own water bottles. Registration is FREE!

Cultural Night (1).png

Come and join Daughters of Eve at our most popular event Cultural Night. This is a formal event for girls above the ages of 13 as well as all the women in the community. The event will include a fashion show, various types of performances, finger food and desserts from around the world, raffles, fun activities and games, amazing company, and much much more. Dress up to represent your culture, bring your friends and family, and come join us for a great time!